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According to a magazine, Industrie Riunite Biciclette Spa( Corp.) had the Legnano in 1984. I don't know whether this company was connected with Bianchi then.
   In 1982 Umberto ' Lupo' Mascheroni who worked at Legnano from 1946 till mid 1960s worked as an advisor at Legnano half a day and opened his shop in the evening. Once he was teaching frame -building to a young man of Legnano at the basement of his shop.
   A characteristic still left on Legnano frames then ( also on Lupo and Marnati) was double tapered seatstays directly attached to the sides of seat lug ( Marnati sometimes used plugs.).
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> First, this is my first posting to this group. I've been a "lurker" for a
> bit, and have enjoyed and appreciated the list, with thanks to all.
> There seems to be some controversy that surrounds "Ebay outings" but I think
> I'm safe in this case, since the bad news is that the first bid is set
> at...gulp...6,000 Euros. The description appears to claim
> if true certainly makes it...interesting.
> Apologies if it's been listed on ebay previously and diss-missed by the

> group.


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