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Subject: Re: [CR]Lambert Death Fork - Actual data point
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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 14:19:55 -0800 (PST)

Has anyone heard if Vitus 979 forks ever had a safety issue? I have ridden mine many miles with no problem... just checking though ( : John A. Quigley Oklahoma City, OK
   David Feldman <> wrote:Early Alan forks were made similarly to this, and had aluminum steerers besides. Does anyone know the durability history of Alan forks? David Feldman Vancouver, WA

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Subject: [CR]Lambert Death Fork - Actual data point

> For those of you looking for actual data on a failure. My father's Viscount fork failed. The damage was about 9 teeth, a few dozen stiches and I think even a cheak bone. At any rate, the failure was real and the injuries
> were real. Use with care. One note, it did creak prior to failure. Hence I hate to ride anything today that creaks - from anywhere.
> The fork had an aluminum crown and a steel steerer tube. An aluminum plug joined them. The aluminum plug sheered in two. Looking at the remainder from top was interesting. It was about the diameter of a nickel. The outer 1/3 ring was a different color/texture than the inner 2/3. Clearly a stress fracture was developing slowly, and was polishing
> itself and causing the creaking. Until it got deep enough in that the remaining piece could no longer hold up and it broke - leaving a crisp graininess visible.
> He keeps it as a souvenir, and rides a nice Trek (not bad for age 73).
> Dan Kasha
> Providence, RI
> PS I replaced my Cannondale Aluminum fork with a steel one:)