[CR]Looking for short reach Universal Mod. 51 or similar

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Subject: [CR]Looking for short reach Universal Mod. 51 or similar
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:03:33 -0800

So since Ballila brakes are out for my 1957 bike, I found some Universals. However, the reach on the front fork is very short - 51 mm. Anybody got some short-reach (for the time, standard reach by the 1970s) Universal Mod. 51 or similar? I'll trade a standard reach one, or some Universal Mod. 61 brakes, or...

Before a storm breaks loose - those brakes must have existed. Mike Barry of Mariposa measured his 1952 Cinelli, and it has similar clearance on the front as my 1957 (?) bike. And his bike is not a fixed gear, so it must have a front brake... :)

Jan Heine, Seattle