Re: [CR]Rivets or screws for headbadges?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Rivets or screws for headbadges?
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 15:03:55 -0600

You can buy the tiny screws that Schwinn used on every bicycle from the Paramounts on down .

They are cadmium plated steel screws . Hit them with a couple of paper towels and some Simichrome , and they sparkle ! Just don't lose them in the little puddle of Simichrome ! Ordinarily they don't rust . But , you can force them to , if you try really , really hard .

They are tiny-tiny , and they are self-tapping .

If you ever glue-on any headbadge , ask yourself ; a.) do I really want that headbadge ? & b.) how easy would it be to find a replacement ?

For the Schwinn screws ( probably a non-renewable resource ) go to eBay . Do a search for the seller name "bicyclebones" . Find one of his auctions . You could even look for a headbadge auction . Send him an e-mail . His name is Dan Venturi . He's deeply connected in the balloon tire - inch pitch - world of bicycles . Plus he has fine hardwoods for guitar makers , and some really fine vintage fruit box labels .

If all you want is two tiny little screws , try to make it worth his time to send them to you . Something like the old $5 minimum order kind of thing .

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Raoul Delmare
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From: Tom Hayes
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Subject: [CR]Rivets or screws for headbadges?

> I would like to attach a headbadge to an older Claud Butler I have; there
> are the appropriate holes for it. The previous owner told me he took the
> headbadge off and never reacttached it after he had the frame painted.
> It appears as if it was riveted on (I cannot see theads in the holes); are
> there special rivets (this was a thread a couple of years I sort of
> remember) for attaching headbadges, and do you need a special rivet gun to
> attach them? Essentially what I'm asking is, could I just go to a hardware
> store and get rivets that would work and not rust? And assuming I have
> the proper tap (which I think I do), is it more advisable to tap the hole
> for a screw and then find an appropriate brass (would one use a brass
> screw?) screw to attach it? Or would some kind of glue work just as
> easily, if not more so, and keep the headbadge in place just as permanently
> as a rivet or a screw? And I wonder about the clearance between the inside
> of the headtube and the top of the fork.
> Thank you.
> Cheers.
> Tom
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