RE: [CR]Rivets or screws for headbadges?

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Subject: RE: [CR]Rivets or screws for headbadges?
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:01:50 -0500


Nick at Lloyds sells an assortment of headbadge rivets; two or three different sizes, and brass, copper, and aluminum if I remember correctly. They are "solid" rivets so you have to figure out how to "buck" them. I have slid a large socket in the headtube just slightly smaller that the ID of the headtube, trimmed a rivet so that it protruded maybe 1/16" when placed throught the headbadge, headtube, and against the socket, crossed my fingers and wacked it with a ball peen hammer. It usually turns out okay and looks better than screws to my eyes. Another option is to slide the rivet from the inside of the headtube out, lock it in place with the socket, and peen them from the outside. This probably easier although it may be harder to get a nice rounded head this way.

Paul Raley Leonardtown MD Tom Hayes <> wrote:
>I would like to attach a headbadge to an older Claud Butler I have; there
>are the appropriate holes for it.  The previous owner told me he took the
>headbadge off and never reacttached it after he had the frame painted.
>It appears as if it was riveted on (I cannot see theads in the holes); are
>there special rivets (this was a thread a couple of years I sort of
>remember) for attaching headbadges, and do you need a special rivet gun to
>attach them?  Essentially what I'm asking is, could I just go to a hardware
>store and get rivets that would work and not rust?    And assuming I have
>the proper tap (which I think I do), is it more advisable to tap the hole
>for a screw and then find an appropriate brass (would one use a brass
>screw?) screw to attach it?  Or would some kind of glue work just as
>easily, if not more so, and keep the headbadge in place just as permanently
>as a rivet or a screw?  And I wonder about the clearance between the inside
>of the headtube and the top of the fork.
>Thank you.
>Tom Hayes
>18585 Munn Road
>Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

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