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Subject: [CR]FS: misc parts
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 21:07:18 -0800

All the parts below are used, except when noted.

Despite their being used,there is clearly plenty of use left in them. All prices are 'plus shipping'.

Brakes: Universal Mod 61, front centerpull brake w/pads. $3.00

Suntour Cyclone, short reach (40-50mm), allen fitted side pull calipers. New. I got these from Rivendell, then *the* calipers I was really after came up. $40.00

Suntour Superbe, short reach, nutted, side pull calipers. New. I have the plastic insert/adaptors so you can mount these on a frame/fork that was made for allen fitted calipers. $60.00

Royal Gran Compe, short reach (39-49mm), allen fitted callipers and aero levers. Still a fair bit of life left in the pads IMHO. Lever covers are in decent shape. $45.00

Tools: Craftsman metric, 6 point sockets: 4mm-7mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm 1/4" drive. $5.00

Pedals/Cleats: Lake Cleats, for clips n'straps pedals. NOS. $4.00

Look Red cleats, NIP. $9.00

Christophe toe clips (no straps) used, small. $2.00

Christophe toe clips (no straps), mounted but not used, small, $3.00



Sun Tour Lite, 1 1/4" size, for a double $3.00

Sun Tour 3000, 1 1/4" size, for a double $3.00

Shimano Deore LX, 1 3/8" size, for triple $3.00

Campy racing triple, 1 3/8" clamp. $18.00


Shimano 600, clamp on down tube friction shifters Kinda ornate looking levers with black painted insets. $3.00

Sun Tour Power ratchet downtube friction shifters, clamp on. Someone drilled them out, and did a passable job but it isn't stock work. The fun of these remains and the integrity of the lever wasn't compromised (IMHO). $3.00

Sun Tour downtube friction clamp on shifters. They are the ones that mount on the top of the down tube and use a cam to trip the front derailleur when you shift the rear derailleur. Some frames of the early '80's had braze ons for these but this comes with a band as well. $5.00

Bottom Bracket stuff:

Campy ACH cartridge BB, for newer Campy cranks. This BB is for Campy Triple cranks when used on 1 3/8" seat tubes. British threading. NOS $15.00 '

Shimano ball and cup BB, complete, NIP 68 = T = 117.5(length) ChroMo, marked 3A. British threading. $15.00

Specialized, ball and cup, 107-68. Used, but in good condition. British threads. $10.00


Shimano 70 = T 124.5, shopworn $4.00

Cycle odometers: Extra mounting kit for Cat Eye solar, including cadence. $12.00

Huret Multito (Multido?). totally manual odometer that mounts on the axel of front wheel. Complete, but I suggest going to a good hardware store and finding a backup for the O-ring that runs from the wheel to the unit. If you don't know what a Multito is you probably don't want this. It's from the '70's. This one is used, but only has 9200 miles on it. ;^) $10.00


Sun Tour Superbe Pro, rear, british thread (for freewheel) 28 hole, 126 mm. $12.00

Campy Record Rear, Italian threaded (this fits BSC freewheels and in fact has had BSC freewheels on in so it's best to continue with BSC). 126mm spacing. One new cone, new bearings, repacked. With skewer (curved handle). $25.00

Handlebars, stems:

Cinelli, 66-42, double grooved. No scratches. $18.00

Cinelli, 64-40 bars, no grooves, 1A stem, 105mm reach. The stem has markings below the minimum insertion line, and one very small scuff on the top of the bar clamp. The bars are the winged C labels, and have a smudge/scratch that would likely be covered by a cycle computer. $30.00

Moustache bars, 26.0 clamp size. I recently bought these from a fellow iBob, then was gifted with a pair of bars, so I'll sell these for what I paid. The former owner had trimmed 3/4ths of an inch off each end of the bars to allow more clearance for knees and bar end shifters. $20.00

No name, black stem. 100mm reach. 25.4 clamp size. Cast, alloy. For 1" (22.2) threaded steerers. Appropriate for a beater, or commute bike. $2.00

Kalloy, Uno, U.L. system stem. black. 110 reach. 25.4 clamp size. For 1" (22.2) threaded steerers. This is not a cast, alloy stem but a welded steel one. Slight scratches above minimum insertion mark. $4.00

Seat Post:

Campy, aero post from mid, late 80's I believe. 27.2. (can't recall the exact name of this model). It has the winged wheel logo on the sides. This has some scratches. I think most of the scratches could be sanded and polished out and what would be left would not be horrid. Not for your show bike, but a Campy post on your bike would be nice. 170mm from minimum insertion mark to clamps. $17.00

Nitto, Crystal Fellow, 27.2 . 260 from minimum insertion line to clamp. Light scratches on lower 110mm above min. insertion line. This is a post I bought off an iBob and I found I don't need one quite this long and I don't want to cut any of it off. (suffered a brain fart when I bought it and didn't pay attention to the length). I believe I paid $25.00 for it so I'll pass that price on.


Super Mighty, 170mm w42/52 rings. Large ring has all those holes drilled in them as was the rage when these were current. Rings are worn but have some life left. Here's the deal on this one. There are some marks on the right arm that I think are casting blemishes. They are in a funny spot for them to be cracks, but I can't rule that out. $20.00 but you can pay after you have seen the cranks in person. If you don't like them, just pay postage to return them.

Eye wear replacement part:

Nose piece for Oakley glasses. I bought this because the salesman said it would fit my old pair of Smith Moab II's. It came close but not close enough. Who knows, maybe you have a pair of Oakleys and you tend to lose the little parts. I guess they sell the nose piece separately for a reason. (I got charged $9.00) I only fitted this to the lenses, never wore it with the glasses. $7.00


Tange fork. 1" threaded steerer, 190mm. Sloping crown. For nutted front brake, w/ threaded single eylets. $25.00


Monark, leather helmet, size 55. This would be a conversation piece only I would think. I do not recommend using this *instead* of current helmets. $20.00

Reading Material:

1992 Bridgestone catalog. I have a few of these, all in good condition except one has a crumpled corner. $3.00 ($2.00 for the crumpled corner one)

"A season in turmoil", by Samuel Abt. Paperback. $5.00


Flick stand. $1.00

Rhode Gear water bottle clamp. These are for the bottles that had a wedge on the back side that fit into the slot on this clamp. This was instead of a cage. Free.

Want list: Campy NR, or SR seatpost. 27.2. These can be the two bolt on top kind.

Right crank arm, 170mm for Sugino GT. Back side says SUGINO JAPAN 170 1GC. My left crank arm is brand new, but I'd take one in decent shape as well.

Campy indexing 8sp record downtube shifters.

Shimano 7 or 8 spd bar-ends.

Long cage, indexable Sun Tour or Shimano deraileurs. These don't have to be new, just decent shape.

Cinelli 65-4x bars, non-grooved.

Stems for 1" (22.2) threaded steerers that have 26.0 clamp size. I'm looking for short reaches on these, 80mm at the most, but probably shorter.

Any Campy tools (I have a t-wrench, seat post wrench, the crank tools and the peanut butter spanner, but I'd like headset wrenches, dishing tools, cone wrenches, BB spanner, etc)

rob hawks,
richmond, ca