Re: [CR]Universal Mod. 61's

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From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
To: Classicrendezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Universal Mod. 61's
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Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 10:15:13 -0700

David Bilenkey wrote:
> Did Universal Mod. 61 brakes come with the earlier shape of lever like in
> this auction:
> or the later (more common?) shape?
> Or would they have been available with both shape of lever depending on what
> year the brakeset was sold/made? Which brings me to another question, when
> did they stop production of the 61's? Surely the introduction of a newer
> model (the Super 68) would not mean they stopped producing the 61.

Yes, based on five original bikes (Bianchi and Legnano) of CR list members it looks like the original "pointy" lever that the Mod. 61 center pulls (intro'd 1961) came with were changed in 1964 to the "curvy" lever. The small triangular point and sharp bend at the bottom of the lever ("death dagger") was an identifying characteristic of Universal brake levers from the beginning.

I don't believe the 61s were produced alongside the 68s. Typically a small manufacturer produces one part and the tools up for the next part until they have all the parts they need. When side pull brakes became popular again in the late 60s with Campagnolo's introduction of their side pull brake there would be little or no demand for center pull brakes on race bikes.

Chuck Schmidt SoPas, SoCal