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Subject: [CR]Re: Sprinters on 60s/70s Cinelli catalog cover
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Chuck Schmidt asked:
> Can anyone identify the two sprinters on the Cinelli catalog cover from
> the 60s and 70s?
> Here's the photo in question:
> http://www.velo-retro.com/vrbooks.gifs/Cin70.gif

im glad you asked Chuck, its my image and my copyright infringement lawyers are soon to contact you. however, for the sake of clarity i am glad to announce that its none other than John Pergolizzi and Brian Baylis at the innaugral BVVW Invitational track meet.

wishing to correct history i have to admit that its actually a shot of the 2nd and 3rd place getters. the winner was that "famous for something guy" Lou Deeter. i was the photogragher and in keeping with Dale B's period correct ettiquette i failed to capture Lou crossing the line 1st as i only had a flash sync of 1/50th of a second**** - Lou was already embracing the podium chicks.

i asked Famous Lou about his suprising turn of pace to beat the iron kneed, wide elbowed bookends and he quickly quipped something about "fans chasing him" before hurriedly being escorted amongst tight security. it must be tough being famous and for that reason i had failed to mention his victory till now out of respect for his ever diminishing privacy.

many Krispy Kreme addled pundits and watchers were suprised that the odds-on favorite, John P, didn't take the ribbon - it was afterall his event. John P offhandedly remarked "them FL cats do nothing else but sprint for power poles - its the only distinguishing feature on their rides" with much chagrin before collecting big $'s from the bookies on the outcome of the race. officials are still making inquiries. Brian B was hard to console ... "i shoulda chose something bigger than a 66 x 11 gear - at a cadence of more than 200rpm i was spinning out". e-Richie was also due to race the same event but didnt hear the starting call - he was doing publicity stills for Velownews in the infield of his new Team kit.

sadly, all and sundry were denied the chance to see the great Eric "le zippy" Elman race as his French and English component sponsors refused him permission to enter the Cinelli sponsored event. politics and cycling .....

so now you all know.


ben "cartier" kamen, NYC

**** all photog's blame their equipment when they miss the money shot.