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Dear Ken,

What a lovely find. I think you might have taken advantage of the man's good nature as you often do with me. I mean you should have paid him his reasonable offering at $100 instead of horse tradin him out of his bike tools, bags, tools, and shoes with your usual cunning charm.

Did you pay your usual $40 for $100 weight or did you skin him up good.

Anybody ever see Ken's custom engraved Alex Singer cowboy boots and bolo tie at the Cirque,

Gilbert "Never trade with a horse trader" Anderson

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While looking throgh a local Sun City newspaper, I spied a listing for a Miyata Professional racing bike. The owner had bought it from a 75 yr old man, and the new owner had never even straddled it and knew nothing about bikes. All he wanted was $100 which was what he had in it.

Here's what I got: lovely subtle orange Miyata with Tange Champion tubes, beautiful lugs with cutouts, chrome Shimano vertical dropouts, and drilled BB. Only decals identifying model say Super Record. It came with the Dura Ace labeled Crane derailleur, DA cank with Dyna Drive pedale, DA stem, DA brakes (EX), DA EX hubs with Akai Alesa style rims, DA friction shifters and a 1977 Brooks Team Pro. Other than some glazing on the cranks, in lovely condition. I'm assuming the cranks and pedals were a later edition. I figure it for 1977-1978. Also came with set of tublars with SSC bleu rims and DA AX hubs. And a set of Rhode Gear crochet back gloves, Detto Pietro shoes, Kirtland Tour pack full of tools. What did I get other than what I think was a great deal. Who can tell me about the frame. Its as nicely done as a lot of super bikes. Guesses on date?

Ken Wallace Phoenix, AZ >>

Yours in Cycling,

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