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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Cinelli XR Stems
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 13:02:23 EST

Does anyone have a picture of an XR? I had never heard of one before this thread.....


Greg Parker A2 MI USA

> From: "Stephen Barner" <>
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> Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 16:07:33 -0500
> Subject: [CR]Re: Cinelli XR Stems
> I picked up an XR or whatever stem to replace the engraved TTT stem on my
> Colnago Master that was too long for me. I thought it seemed too large a
> diameter for the standard Cinelli 66 bar I installed in it. The rubber
> spacer squished out in a way that cannot be correct. I have since picked
> up
> a black 1A in the same length and will change it out. In light of Chuck's
> comment about the XR being out of the CR timeline, that swap can come none
> too soon! I did ride the XR a bit and did not notice any creaking or undue
> flex, though I don't like the idea of clamping a stem on a smaller diameter
> bar than for which it was designed. Anyone know if there was a change in
> the diameters of Cinelli bars around the time of the introduction of the
> XR?
> My '73 Raleigh Pro Track came with a TTT stem and a significantly
> undersized
> GB bar. The pinch bolt was actually bent due to the extra amount that the
> flanges of the stem had to pull together. That setup is still on that
> bike,
> all these years and thousands of miles later.
> Steve Barner, getting set to go for a quick ski in Bolton, Vermont
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> >Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 12:07:47 -0800 (PST)
> >From: brad stockwell <>
> >Subject: [CR]Cinelli Stems 1A=>1R=>XR=>XA
> >To: Paul Williams <>,
> >
> >
> >so what is the date of the X/A? --Paul
> >
> > After the 1R (I think someone mentioned that the 1R appeared in 1975
> and
> coexisted with the 1A) the next new Cinelli stem was the XR -- which was
> advertised during 1986 and apparently failed in the marketplace.
> >
> > The XR had the same outer shape as the 1R. The difference is that the
> XR had no sliding internal clamp; instead its forward extension was
> partially cut in half through the middle (separating it into top and bottom
> halves) and the fixing bolt (which is located just like the 1R bolt,
> vertically upward on the underside of the extension) squeezed the halves
> together to retain the bar. In order to make the stem look less empty, the
> slot was filled with a rubber slab which came in different colors.
> >
> > I don't know why the XR stem was discontinued -- but I would expect the
> horizontal slot to reduce the vertical stiffness of the extension. I have
> an XR in a box somewhere, but I've never ridden on it. Anybody have any
> experience with one?
> >
> > The XA was a cross between the XR and the 1A. From scanning through
> the
> Merckx "Fabulous World of Cycling" series I see that it appeared in the
> pelloton in 1988. There were still plenty of riders using the 1A and 1R,
> however.
> >
> > Also of note in 1988: at the Nissan Classic on Sep 27 of that year,
> Phil
> Anderson showed up with (gasp!) Shimano combined brake/shift controls.
> >
> > On the topic of bolts: the 1R expander bolt is aluminum. In 1982 I was
> riding my bike on a training stand and the bolt head popped off and hit me
> in the chin. Thereafter, I always replaced the 1R expander bolt with a
> steel one.
> >
> > Brad Stockwell
> > Palo alto