Re: [CR]Batavus on Ebay-Interesting Campagnolo Crank

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Subject: Re: [CR]Batavus on Ebay-Interesting Campagnolo Crank
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 06:03:02 +0100

These are last version Gran Sports, 3-pin with 116 mm bcd. Rather nice, but of course three pins is not much if you loose a bolt which happened my daughter. Bought four of these - two 170mm and two 150 mm - cheap some years ago as obsolete old rubbish. The 116 mm bcd was thereafter used by the Victory and Triomphe series. Somewhat restricted chainwheel sizes, but not so restricted as modern indexing ones.


Olof Stroh
Uppsala Sweden

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Subject: [CR]Batavus on Ebay-Interesting Campagnolo Crank

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> This is a 24" 70s touring Batavus. The crankset is 3 arm, but looks alloy
> with grooved arms. What crankset was that? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL