Re: [CR]Bar end shifters

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Subject: Re: [CR]Bar end shifters
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 01:07:29 EST

In a message dated 12/17/02 9:25:33 AM Pacific Standard Time, RobinsonRG@IIMEF.USMC.MIL writes:

<< I wanted to ask what type of cable housing was used with bar-end
   shifters for a 60's era bike? I have a large coil of Campagnolo stainless
   steel derailleur cable housing, maybe 12 foot in length, that I guess may
   have been used for this purpose. >> In that length, it's more likely SunTour housing. It will work, but it may be a different O.D. from the Campy housing, meaning you'll need different ferrules. It's the right stuff to use, although you might want to put some kind of a short sleeve over the section that contacts the lower headlug when you turn the bars. It WILL eat the paint and the lug given time. BTW, Campy called them "comando al manubri," or control for handlebars. Barcon is a SunTour term. There are a lot of tricks for installing them so they actually work. Stevan Thomas Alameda, CA