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Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 23:36:49 -0800

Mark, One way you can tell if this is a Mondonico built frame is pull out the bottom bracket and feel up inside the frame tubes around the area the tube to lug junction. Since Antonio Mondonico still uses the old world method of drilling and pinning his frames before brazing you should feel the ends of these pins protruding inside thru the tubes in this area. Now since I don't know the age of your frame and I'm no expert on Italian frames I couldn't tell definitively if yours is a Mondonico built frame even if it was drilled and pinned. Other builders of the era of your frame may have also used the same method of construction. One thing I can tell you is that Mondonico frames are of very high quality, especially for a semi production shop. This I know first hand since I own a 1997 Torelli Countach OS which was made by Mondonico, which I verified when I built the bike up. The pins are there, just like the dealer told me (the now sadly defunct Orinda Spoke & Pedal). My Torelli is beautiful to look at with it's plain metallic green w/clear coat over the decals paint job, no gaudy LSD inspired paint jobs here. And the ride is just wondrous, almost as good as my 83' Guerciotti Jet. Torelli is the not only importer of Mondonico frames but they also paint most of the Mondonico frames along with their own branded frames. Actually another indication of Mondonico's quality is the fact that some of the Masi's that Torelli distributed in the mid to late 90's where built by him. One example was the 97' Nuova Strada which except for the decals and unpainted chrome fork was identical to my Torelli Countach OS. Check out for all the info on Mondonico's. My apologies to all for going astray from our time line on this thread, but someday these bikes (Mondonico's, Torelli's, and the last of the Italian Masi's) will be vintage and possibly sought after!
Kris Koller
Martinez, CA

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Subject: [CR]Tommaso/Mondonico ?s

Just purchased a Tommaso frame and fork which the seller said that Antonio Mondonico built the early Tommaso framesets. Although this frame is probably just out of the time line for the list it does have all the attributes and qualities of the frames we discuss here on the list so I do hope that I am pardoned for asking these questions. I checked with Lou's buyer's guide and saw that Bellato made these bikes. Does anyone know for sure that Antonio made the earlier ones? The frame has a decal that states Frame Paint TM, Ten Speed Drive Imports then a box on the decal with 00038 in it. It is made of SLX tubing with some pantographing and on the brake bridge it has Tommaso on one side and Hand Made on the other. There is no serial number that I have found only 55M on the bottom bracket. While I could look at it as just another Italian frame I am excited about it as it is the same geometry and measurements of my Rauler as well as some very nice workmanship. And lastly, does anyone know the quality of the Mondonico frames? I have heard of them and if my memory serves me correctly there were top notch.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Poore

More skiing than riding in Slatyfork, WV

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