[CR]Awards, Hall of Fame

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From: "David Cooper" <dcooper@enteract.com>
Subject: [CR]Awards, Hall of Fame
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 10:48:27 -0600

How about a virtual Hall of Fame with photos and bios that resides on the CR website? Or if you don't like Hall of Fame how about Hall of Recognition?

I attended the annual ceremony of Hall of Fame inductees the National Motorcycle Museum this fall in Colombus, Ohio (excellent museum, by the way) and I think the concept would work well for us. Plus it allows us to honor a number of people, rather than just one, who work so hard to make this so enjoyable for the rest of us. We could have awards for various activities: the Mike Richardson award could be for posthumous inductees, for example.

David Cooper
Chicago, IL