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Subject: RE: The little hole in the hanger, was: [CR]Cinelli Serial Numbers
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Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 05:03:05 -0800

I believe Pete Brissing's new Cinelli frame, recently shot down on Ebay, also has the hole in the hanger. Pete's bike dates to about 1967 and is a real nice example. It also has the "milled" BB shell which is exceedingly rare, only 3 of those have been reported to the list.

It's been fun to accumulate the data for the registry but it requires a degree of organisation that I don't have. Cinellis were a good target for doing an owner's registry because there are enough of them out there to make a list interesting. The Alex Singer registry for example would only have 8 people on it, and we already know who THEY would be.

My question for the list is - what OTHER info should be added to the registry? I'm thinking of doing a "FAQ" consisting of the dating information (holes in lugs, oil filler, etc) and other bits of knowledge about the bikes.

I'd be happy to host a registry for another marque, and would share the page format if that was appropriate. What bike would be a good choice for a registry? Masi is the obvious one to me, as there's lots of them out there and on this list we have several Masi experts. Who'd be interested in accumulating the owner's data?

I currently have another 20 or so entries to add to the Cinelli registry and will get to that sometime in the next week or so.

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