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Hello All,

For the record, North Road Bicycle Company imports and Pashley and Moulton bicycles into the USA and neither Pashley (or Moulton) have any relationship with Dursley Pedersen.

It is of interest that Dr. Alex Moulton has at least one Pedersen (He is a bike nut and owns hundreds of cool bikes, including one of the nicest Hetchins I have ever scene- non Moulton's too) and they are very popular with Moulton folks.

The inspiration of the Pederson bicycle is everywhere in the spaceframe Moulton and they both share some similar performance ideals. Fast, comfortable, road suspension, spaceframe, lightweight, etc. Lots of Moulton owners own Pedersens, or are they Pedersens Owners who own Moultons.

And oh yes, I spoke to Ken Wallace this morning. He arrived promptly from Arizona at my shop door to give a gracious sendoff (that only a stripped shirted ex International Commissar) to our Winter Solstice Century at 7:30 AM. He would very much like a Pederson I think, racing trim or not. But now Ken wants anything super kewl.

Happy Holidays, Gilbert Anderson Raleigh, NC

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Hi All,

While there are not many in the US, this eBay listing is not the only = one. They are currently made and I sell them. I would be happy to set = up anyone interested.=20 Pedersen's were designed in 1893 and produced into the twenties in = Dursly, England. The first one was only 19lb! They are very efficient, = fast, and smooth as silk on rough surfaces. In the twenties they held = numerous striking records in England often beating the previously held = records by 10 or 15%! (These were mostly distance point to point and 12 = & 24 hour time trials, which were near fanatical passions in England at = the time) But, not being well marketed, thereafter fell into almost = complete obscurity for 50 years.

I saw one in England 20 years ago and have loved them ever since. While = the one I saw (and now sell) was a reproduction and available for sale = they were so hard to get I couldn't get one till recently. ( I had even = drawn plans to build one 15 years ago, but never got the chance.) Now I = am privileged to ride and offer them. There are only two people in the = country committed to making them available in the US and I am one of = them. (The other person showed his Pedersen bikes at the VR.)

These bikes will surprise you and if you would like the chance to ride = one I would like to offer it, if logistics can be arranged. They are = particularly thrilling for those who, for one physical reason or = another, are having difficulty sitting in conventional racing trim. (Ken = Wallace, are you there?) I have sold recumbents for nearly 20 years and = I like these better! The most comfortable upright made, hands down. = Anyone interested please feel free to ask me more.

Alan Schaeffer
Bicycle Classics & Ordinary(?) Bike Shop
Danielson, CT >>