RE: [CR]Pogliaghis on ebay

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From: <>
To: "Bingham, Wayne R." <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Pogliaghis on ebay
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 09:23:36 -0500

I think the black one was made by Basso.Bulgier's catalogue site shows this Pog under a 90's Basso catalogue listing.I remember checking this out about 6 months ago.I saw one of these Pogs for sale on the Campy Only site.NOS it sold for $300-400.

Nick Zatezalo Atlanta,Ga

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002 08:56:37 -0500 "Bingham, Wayne R." <> wrote:
> >>>>Both Pogliaghis now on ebay look like 80s
> frames to me. I'd
> have to examine the black one more closely to
> make a bet on
> it, but the white one was definitely made years
> after the
> sale of the marque.