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From: "Arthur Yow" <art_yow@flad.com>
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To: Frederick J Donkin <fdonkin@juno.com>, Classic Bike Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Picchio
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 09:18:59 -0800

Frederick: My Picchio frame geometry is noticeably different than that pictured. My rear wheel "nests" in a crease at the rear of the seat tube. If the wheel is not true (or the tire develops a bulge), the tire will rub on the sides of the crease; the tolerance is pretty close. Because the wheel cannot move forward to remove the wheel, the rear drop-out slots face rearward, somewhat like a track bike, except that the slots slope downward. The drop outs have adjustment screws, but they are screwed from the "front". (this rear facing drop out arrangement makes for a less convenient chain separation from the freewheel and derailleur when removing the wheel.) There are creases at the back of the fork blades, back of seat stays, at the bottom of the chain stays and one on top of the down tube. I have heard somewhere that Picchio was the innovator of the creased tubes, but I cannot attest to the veracity of this statement. (do the creases really stiffen the frame? I'm not so sure). It appears that your lugs are different also; and there are braze-ons for the derailleur levers, derailleur cable at the BB, water bottle and brake cable guide (at the top tube). In spite of the tight geometry, the handling is very stable and not skittish at all; unlike my Colnago. If I were more computer savvy, I'd include jpg pictures, my apologies for the omission. Ciao Art Yow San Francisco

Frederick J Donkin wrote:
> Art,
> When I had my Picchio made I had to pay part of it up front. The balance
> was due on delivery. There was an estimate for the total cost at the
> time it was ordered. I was living in Torino at the time and the mechanic
> that ordered it (and probably made it) knew that I was returning to the
> US within a month or so time frame. I was measured for it in early May
> of 1975 and took delivery of the completed bike in June of 1975. I still
> ride it.
> I have attached a couple of pictures of it.
> Rick
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