[CR]Dusty Basement Outing -- several finds

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From: "Kerrigan Bennett" <krbennett@earthlink.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Dusty Basement Outing -- several finds
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 13:43:30 -0800

To all:

I just discovered a secret cache of seventies rolling stock in the basement of a local (Pt. Richmond, CA) woman. While none of the bikes will fit me, I'm sure some of you will be interested in the following items I saw there and which she would like to sell:

1) Proteus track bike, I believe the model is "Century," 57cm seat tube (c to c) and 56cm top tube. Paint is medium blue with cut-out lugs and sloping fork crown unsullied by brake drilling. The bike has Campy large-flange hubs, a Sugino crankset, nice steel track stem and track bars, plastic saddle (Kashimax?). She was asking $450 for this bike, but I think she would be flexible on the price.

2) You want Paramounts? She got Paramounts. One is a pretty large touring bike--approximately 64-65cm (c to c)--all chrome with Nervex Pro lugs and Wagner diamond fork crown. It appeared to be in excellent condition although I didn't look too closely because I knew the bike was too big for me and I didn't want to waste too much of her time on this last shopping day before Christmas eve. This bike had a mix of Campy and later Shimano components. She also has a smaller--I would guess 55-56cm (c to c)--touring Paramount of same vintage in metallic gold with chrome Nervex Pro lugs with similar equipment. We didn't talk price on these, but she appeared to be very reasonable.

3) Roberts custom tandem--excellent condition in red with, if I remember correctly, a mix of mostly late-seventies Campy and Suntour components (I do remember specifically that the bike had fluted Super Record seatposts and Stronglight cranksets). Cantilever brakes in front and disc in back, pantagraphed Cinelli 1/R stem. This bike looks like it has very low miles and she was asking $2500--this may be a lot but she had this custom built and shipped over from England.

4) White Peugeot frameset with Nervex Pro lugs, approximately 60cm (c to c). I suppose this is probably a PX-10. This was repainted by Ed Litton at a cost of $250, I think. I'm not sure what she would want for it, but she seems to know that it will likely bring less than the cost of the paint job. I don't think that this frame has been built up since it was repainted.

5) Gios frameset approximately 60 cm (c to c)--not too sure about this size. This has been repainted I think, without decals, and it has a small dent in the seat tube that looks like it was caused by the front derailleur clamp.

6) Cinelli rollers--I didn't do a sound check or even see these so I can not provide decibel level or condition report. Search the archives for an exhaustive discussion of cinelli rollers and their alleged virtues/shortcomings.

The seller's name is Laurie Bolard; interested parties can reach her at (510) 236-5693 or info@swanyoga.com

Laurie raced for Proteus in the seventies and even owned a bike shop for a while, so she's pretty knowledgeable about the CR era equipment. BTW, she's got good taste: the bikes she's not interested in selling are a Masi Gran Criterium in metallic gold with Campy NR (excellent condition) and a Gios Torino road bike (also in great condition). She has listed a few items on a local website, but most of the above items have not yet been advertised. She wants to clear out her basement and doesn't seem to expect too much $$ for any of these things, but I get the feeling that she wasn't really expecting to pack and ship the bikes so purchasers out of the area might have to negotiate for that service. Good luck and happy holidays.

Kerrigan "still not sure I did the right thing in not buying the Proteus, even though it's about 4cm to small for me" Bennett Oakland, CA