[CR]Jack Taylor frame dates/serial # list complete!!!!!!

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Subject: [CR]Jack Taylor frame dates/serial # list complete!!!!!!
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 22:18:21 -0800


I am pleased to make available a list of Jack Taylor serial #'s organized by production dates. After some time and effort and with many thanks to the Taylor brothers and Mark Lawrence, we now have a fine resource to solve the mystery of Jack Taylor frame dates. You can view it on my website at the following address: http://old_school_cycles.tripod.com Look on the Jack Taylor page towards the bottom.

Also, there is one thing I would like to say that has come to mind as I reflect on the past year. The most enjoyable aspect of collecting bicycles is not the frames and parts, after all they are just "things"... I say it is the friends that you make along the way. So from my point of view, I look at bicycle collecting as "collecting friends". It is very rewarding to hear from my "bike friends", most of which I would have never met other than over the internet and especially on the CR list (thanks Dale!). It is all of these friends that is the greatest reward that collecting cycles has given me... I would not trade that friendship for all the old bikes in the world!!! With that said, I would like to wish everyone on the list for the next year to be the best year so far.

All the best,
Troy Warnick
Olympia, WA