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Subject: Re: [CR]Steel cages, 1980s?
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Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 05:11:56 -0800

Steel TA cages were widely used in the 1980s on many first-line racing bikes in the European pro peloton. There were other brands too (Cobra, ALE in alloy and steel), but the TA cages were a very common sight back then because they were so reliable for a reasonably light weight. And the riders back then weren't such weight-weenies as you see nowadays. I do know many Renault Gitanes did use TA alloy cages on the team leaders' bikes during the most important races, but since they regularly broke, steel versions were also used frequently on other riders' bikes, or for everyone on their training bikes. So one could go either way for a period restoration. During winter months here in the US, I worked on Greg LeMond's bikes during that era and saw both versions in use. Phil Anderson (Peugeot, then Raleigh/Panasonic) had steel TA cages on his. Steve Bauer (La Vie Claire) had steel TA cages, but by that time we are getting out of the CR time line.

IMHO, one of the greatest cycling products ever made were the classic TA steel cages. Worked beautifully, low cost and relatively light weight; didn't leave any black marks on the bottles as is the norm nowadays. But vast numbers of silly, style conscious consumer in the 1980s were too stupid to know their true value and bought aluminum cages a couple of grams lighter and this caused the TA units to go extinct. They are sadly missed. (The TA cages, not the stupid consumers.)

Bill Bryant Santa Cruz, CA

on 12/23/02 8:10 PM, Jan Heine at wrote:
> Andrew,
> I may be mistaken, but I think you need the alloy TA cages. Or were
> steel ones still used on racing machines in the 1980s?
> If you need alloy, I have two NOS that I don't plan to use.
> Jan Heine, Seattle