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Guess I will see you all there. Too close to home for me to miss. Dale are you coming to this? One of the previous emails seemed to vaguely indicate you might be considering it. Hope you do.I enjoyed it last time.

Best Holiday wishes to all Mark Cutrufelli in Laurel,MD

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Tom: I've never been to Westminster, but will be taking out a booth and seeing you there. Peter Naiman Boston, Mass
> From: "Thomas R. Adams, Jr." <>
> Date: 2002/12/24 Tue AM 07:31:36 EST
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> I'm planning on going too, and I've got a table with Wayne and Harvey,
> although I'm sure they've got more interesting stuff than me. But the
> Vintage corner is gathering momentum.
> Tom Adams, Shrewsbury, NJ
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> >Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 16:28:32 -0500
> >
> >Tony wrote:
> > >>>>I've never been to the Westminster swapmeet before and wanted to
> >know if it
> >is a good place to buy and sell vintage bikes and parts. I'm
> >considering
> >becoming a vendor this year and if any CR MEMBERS have sold here in this
> >past
> >and have any tips or advice in makeing this a successful efffort, I
> >would
> >greatly appreciate.<<<<
> >
> >I have been attending and/or selling at the Westminster swap for quite a
> >few years now, and have reserved a table again this year. I believe
> >list member Harvey Sachs has also reserved a table, and there's usually
> >a good CR attendance. When I reserved my spot last month, I posted a
> >note suggesting that other interested CR folk ask to be located near my
> >spot, which I think Harvey did. Maybe we can start a "vintage corner".
> >The organizers are pretty accommodating if you register early enough and
> >ask. The event is one of my favorite winter cycling "fixes". I've been
> >there when there's six inches of snow on the ground, and there's still
> >been a good turnout of both sellers and buyers. The event usually
> >offers a little of everything. Road, MTB, rep stock, dealers, and even
> >some vintage. If fact, there seems to be a little more vintage stuff
> >each year. I snagged my '83 3Rensho at Westminster last year. I would
> >encourage folks to attend. It's not as big as T-Town, (it's held
> >indoors in the Carroll County Agricultural Center), but is large enough
> >to make it worthwhile. And since it's February, there's always lots of
> >incentive to sell cheap, especially at the end of the day (only good if
> >you're a buyer, I guess).
> >
> >So come on down, join the fun and stop by and say "hi".
> >
> >Wayne Bingham
> >Falls Church VA
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> tion_3mf
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