RE: [CR]What was under your tree?

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From: "Warren & Elizabeth" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]What was under your tree?
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 12:03:36 -0400

I was at the local courier bike shop Xmas eve day just as they closed mid afternoon. There it was...the perfect gift to me, from me, all for a c-note (cdn). An all original CCM Imperial Mk IV single speed tandem circa '63. This thing is a tank...steel cranks, a four foot hockey stick chainguard, a huge steel backbone that gracefully slopes from the front headtube over and down to join the rear triangle, HUGE wide dropbars that are mounted upside down/front to back...just like all those Freds did in the '70's with their ten speeds. My apologies to Freds. Oddly enough, these inverted bars are the standard configuration on this bike. The bike also sports CCM 597 EA1 steel rims. Overall condition of the bike....9 outa is missing a chain tensioner, pedals and chains.

Of course this puppy wasn't under the tree for two obvious reasons.One, it wouldn't fit and two, there is no reason to upset my dear wife Elizabeth on Xmas day with another bike to feed. Fortunately my birthday is next week and the occasion should provide the perfect opportunity to reveal my latest acquisition.

Season's greetings and thanks to all on the list for another great year.

Warren Young