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Subject: [CR]Fwd: typical frame failure points on road bikes
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 16:08:32 EST

This was on the Framebuilder's List, from Tim Paterek, author of the Paterek Manual of framebuilding. I thought it might be interesting to us as well, even though it is primarily a framebuilding issue.

Silver-brazed steel rules!

Greg Parker A2 MI USA

(and steel is still real!)

> The most common frame repairs I have had to do through the years - starting
> with the
> most frequent - are:
> 1. Right rear dropouts - adjacent to the chainstay joint
> 2. Right chainstays - adjacent to the dropout joint
> 3. Downtubes - in the vicinity of the lever bosses
> I would estimate that those three repairs made up about 50% of the repair
> part of
> my frame business over a 25 year period. I would attribute the failures to
> overheating of the joints at the factory. Every single one of these I
> repaired was brass brazed and a vast majority of the chainstay/dropouts
> were chromed. In fact, it was monotony of replacing broken dropouts that
> finally made me phase out frame repairs.


> Tim Paterek