I: [CR]Campy Catalog No. 17

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From: "The Maaslands" <TheMaaslands@comcast.net>
Subject: I: [CR]Campy Catalog No. 17
To: Classic Rendezvous <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 18:43:49 -0500

Greg wrote:
> I think it depends more on *which* Campy catalog one is talking about, and
> three other things: condition, condition, and condition....
> John's $1115 one was a #12 from 1953 in near-pristene condition IIRC. The
> very first catalog that Campagnolo put a number on. Very rare and
> substantial. I wish I had the intestinal fortitude to have gone for it....
> I've never seen another one.
> I think the later ones, like say #16 and newer, are more "commodities" - they
> show up much more frequently, so there is sort of an established "market" for
> them.
> I agree that Chuck's compendium is a great reference resource, and not so
> darn valuable that you need to be afraid to use it regularly, but for drool
> factor, you gotta have the original color art!

The recently sold #12 catalogue was not at all pristene, as it was missing parts of the catalogue through torn page(s). The Emilio Bozzi catalogue of the same vintage that I offered to the list not that long ago, contained every drawing and component found in the catalogue #12 plus thousands more. It did not have a single tear in it and offered a colour early 50's Legnano brochure to boot. As far as rarity goes, it is likely just as rare as the Campagnolo catalogue too. When compared to what I was asking for the Bozzi catalogue, the $1115 price paid for the #12 therefore has more to do with bragging rights than common sense. A bit like the people who used to pay $1000 for a Maserati clock alone, when a complete Bi-turbo with the clock could be purchased for the same price or less. Chuck understood the importance of the Bozzi catalogue and has already arranged a reprint and I know many list members have already purchased a copy. For those of you who have already purchased one, I would be happy to translate the index found on pages 333 to 335 into English so that you can find items more readily (I am already working on it.) Like Greg wrote above, Chuck's reprints are very valuable reference works for anybody wanting to expand their knowledge. The Campagnolo compendium is perfect for virtually anybody who is interested in the bikes that are on-topic here. The Bozzi for anybody interested in post-war bikes up until the early-50's.

Steven Maasland Moorestown, NJ