Re: [CR]Soldered spokes

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Subject: Re: [CR]Soldered spokes
From: "Bill Bryant" <>
To: Dennis Young <>, <>
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Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 07:23:29 -0800

Back when they were commonly used for racing, I regularly tied & soldered Fiamme Ergals for many customers. It'll be a better wheel that will last longer and stay true, especially carrying your 76 kilos. They can be dented rather easily on potholes, so I wouldn't recommend them as daily "riders" for any rider. Save them for special event usage on fairly smooth roads or on the track. Use the Fiamme Reds for normal road riding, it is a fine rim and better suited for all-around use.

Bill Bryant Santa Cruz, CA

on 12/28/02 6:43 AM, Dennis Young at wrote:
> Hanging on my Christmas tree were a pair of Fiamme Ergal wheels. (Not a bad
> ornament if you string lights around the spokes) These have 28 spokes, and
> given the supposed weakness of these very light rims, along with the spoke
> count, I am wondering about safety. I have read that these rims are a
> specialty event rim, and 28 spokes are for a 60 kilogram and under rider, so
> would my 76 kilos be betting against the odds by using them for a everyday
> wheel. Would soldering the spokes at the junctions add appreciative
> strength? Does anyone have any experiences with these that would dictate
> caution?
> Thanks in advance.
> Dennis Young
> Hotaka, Japan