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Subject: [CR]Corrections to FS: Frames; Peugeot & Mondonico
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 17:09:59 -0500

1. The Peugeot decals are white, not "mid white." 2. The Mondonico frameset is 58 c-c, not "58 c-t."

Sorry for the typo's.


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> Pictures available. Prices do not include shipping which will be charged at
> actual USPS rate including insurance.
> 1. ~1975 Peugeot PX-10LE frameset, full Reynolds 531db. Candy red with mid
> white decals, 56 c-c seat tube with 57 c-c top tube. No dents or dings.
> Excellent chrome, fair decals and paint. This was Peugeot's top model until
> the PY-10 was made available. Nervex Dubois short point head lugs are
> thinned and workmanship is a bit better than usual
> for a Peugeot. Decals have some touch-up done to them by a previous owner.
> Paint has nicks/touch-up here and there along with a dime sized touchup on
> the top
> tube and scratches wherever clamp on components used to be (i.e. shift
> levers, etc.). Headset not included. Price is $150.
> 2. ~1995 Mondonico frameset. Outside the CR timeline but a really nice
> traditional handmade fully lugged frameset. 58 c-t seat tube with 57.5 top
> tube. Short point head lugs and Cinelli BB. Nice fastback seat stays.
> Great hot red paint with 3/4 chrome stays and fully chromed fork. Columbus
> SLX tubing, great details and craftsmanship. Paint has just a few nicks.
> Chrome is excellent with just a few of the tiniest pits on the fork (you
> really have to look for them). Decals are great. This is a wonderful
> frameset. I bought this as part of a package deal including a NOS Masi
> Nuovo Strada frameset which I am building up for me and also for the
> Campagnolo Record Ergo 8spd components for a bike I am building for my
> daughter. She is becoming a decent bicyclist but still struggles with
> friction shifting so we'll give the modern stuff a whirl. Price includes
> the currently installed Stronglight Delta headset. At any rate, price is
> $300.
> Happy New year to All,


> Eric Elman

> Somers, CT