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If you will kindly turn your attention to

Please note that since radius "A" is larger than radius "B", point "1" will move farther for a given amount of rotation than point "2"

Since "1" is attached to the shift lever and "2" is attached to the rear derailleur, you'll have to move the shift lever farther than normal to move the rear derailleur a certain amount.

Since "A" and "B" are changing at different rates through the range of motion of the bellcrank, the ratio between the two isn't a constant and even the average ratio can vary depending on initial conditions - where you position the bellcrank to begin with. It probably doesn't change enough to worry about though; and most people position it to start and end roughly equal angles from the neutral angle between chainstay and downtube. I don't see any advantage to setting it up substantially different from this.

But the most important thing is...... Happy New Year!

Mark Bulgier Seattle, Wa USA

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> Is there a photograph or illustration of this device ?
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> The "feel" thing comes direct from a Simplex ad.
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