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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 12:35:30 -0500

All, Beleive it or not, when the cones went on my Cinelli rollers(completly worn THROUGH in one spot! Holy cones?), I used a campy cone(ft or rear?) as a replacement. Worked fine. That worn cone,tied to a long yellow string, has served as my plumb bob for the last 25 years (to measure saddle set back w/ the bottom backet axel). Will never cease to give me great pleasure.
      Pre-replacement= @747 at takeoff.
      Post " = @radio controlled cesena(toy) ciao, John T.Pergolizzi really cold(25) N.Y.C.

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> Warning to potential buyers--as a former owner of same, I can tell you that
> when the loose-bearing cup-and-cone system that they run on wears, these
> things are the cycling equivalent of Blue Cheer or Motorhead--loud beyond
> belief. I lent my set to a friend for awhile; due to an accident this gent
> has no hearing in one ear and only partial hearing in another. He could not
> use them due to the excessive noise level. I was almost kicked out of a
> college dorm because of them another time. Be warned--a cool display item
> but potentially hazardous to your hearing!
> David Feldman
> Vancouver, WA
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