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Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:32:17 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Phil Wood Hub Timeline?Quality?Axle breakage

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<< I hate to even think how poorly 10mm steel axles on screw-on hubs would hold up on a tandem. I weigh about 170 pounds and I break Campy 126 axles pretty often. >>

You need to have your dropouts checked. I use Campy axles at 130mm, weigh 220
   and never break or bend axles.
   Phil Brown >> We had a long thread on this a couple of months ago. Hitting pot holes without posting on the pedals (derriere off saddle), or jumping giant road holes, will bend axles even with perfectly aligned rear drop outs. If you take the wheel out and put it back in with the axle in any other than the original position, you will bend it again. Do this 3 or 4 times, and the CrMo lets go at that little stress riser at the root of the thread adjacent to the inside edge of the cone. It's a whole lot less of a problem with 5 speed spacing, but is a fact of life with 6 and 7 speed spacing, depending on your riding style! I'd rather break an occasional axle than bend a rim by not jumping a hole at 30 mph. Come to think of it, riding down the stairs on the Northeast end of the Golden Gate bridge probably didn't do the axle any favors, although it never hurt my 28 hole rims. My cure was to get a Shimano (gasp) 7 speed cassette rear hub. Stevan Thomas Alameda, CA