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Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:13:14 -0700

Group-- The Reynolds decal (transfer) in question is on my "non-existant" master list as being used roughtly between 1951 and 1953-- it is either "real" or a good reproduction. Also, All of the Apollo madels that I have seen-- not many- have been equipped with Resillion brakes, thus neither the fork of rear bridge were drilled. With my poor monitor, I cannot tell is this is the case with Martin's lovely example. Nelson Miller-- Seatte

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Subject: [CR]Maclean Apollo & it's 531 transfer...

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<< I am not quite sure if there is a question here? Is the question whether that is a fake "531" transfer or not? I would not know, but I am sure someone can enlighten me. The frame has been resprayed, of that there is no doubt. The Macleans transfers are correct, original, varnish fix ones, very nice too. I wish my camera could show them better. The lugs are the really neat bit, so unusual and so clean. The extra slieving and detail on the chain stay is nice. In fact it is hard to find fault with it. >>

Ooops, sorry Martin. I didn't think that my comment might cast a question over this frame set which I did not intend. I have one of these McLeans as well and think them to be one of the most attractive, unusual and unique frames ever made.

My question was, what is with this particular 531 transfer? I believe it is a reproduction and I think it is an inaccurate one. Not horrible mind you, it is "pretty close", but I have never seen that heavy (thick) border on a real Reynolds transfer from that period or any other...

But, as I said, I might be wrong. I await comments from real nit pickers (i.e., folks with an extremely discerning eye for this stuff!) like Gary Prange, Chuck Schmidt, Brian Baylis, Jim Cunningham, to tell me I am correct or incorrect ...

If that is a slightly off decal, the correct one should be readily available to replace it for the eventual owner.

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