Re: [CR]Maynard's phobia about vintage bikes (long)

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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 13:30:45 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Maynard's phobia about vintage bikes (long)
From: Richard M Sachs <>

what's the big problem with maynard? yeah-in his last velonews piece he took those lyotard pedals to task and tweaked a few of our friends in the meantime. but essentially he is a writer, not a 'keeper of the flame'. AND... <in my opinion> as an actor may take various roles in his career, maynard is writing to a different audience now compared to when he wrote the 'bike shop' pieces in winning magazine. i think his real role is to make us think and, maybe, to provoke. if his words and opinions are cited, and if people are quoting and/or blasphemin' him, he has done his job succesfully. that'll keep his pockets lined and velonews will be happy and sell more issues. e-RICHIE ...waitnig for a client to arrive