Re: [CR]Shimano 10 mm pitch track hub question???

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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:49:38 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Shimano 10 mm pitch track hub question???

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<< I recently canceled another auction for Shimano 10 Dura Ace track hubs. I guess they are 70s or early 80s vintage. I thought they were standard track hubs, so I canceled the auction when I got an e-mail claiming this: These Shimano track hubs are from a 10 millimeter pitch group. The hubs are threaded for a 10mm cog. A standard track cog will not fit so these hubs are useless to anyone that does not have a 10mm cog, chain and crank/chainring.

Any body out there able to confirm or repute above??
    >> Funny thing, I was talking to a guy about these at the Cupertino swap last weekend. The chains are unique and unavailable. The cog thread is smaller than standard. I don't have pieces in hand to tell you this for sure, but your best option, if you had these (this is what I would do if it worked) would be make an adapter for the hub so it would fit a standard gear and Loctite it in place. There needs to be enough "space" available for this to work and I don't know if there is or not without seeing the piece. Your other choice is to look for nonexistent gears and chains. IF IT WILL WORK, the adapter is a way to go IF you get the hubs cheap enough. Stevan Thomas Alameda, CA