Re: [CR]Maynard's phobia about vintage bikes

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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 14:50:28 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Maynard's phobia about vintage bikes

In a message dated 4/6/2002 9:21:36 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> Russ Fitzgerald has posted (on the Velo News web site) a very reasoned
> response to Maynard's rantings re: Berthet pedals.
> Even if you take into account the fact that Maynard has never been
> consistent about anything, his seeming loathing of the vintage bike
> scene is difficult to figure out. Clearly (as Gabe Konrad could
> testify) Maynard has been agressively, profanely anti-vintage since the
> mid-1990s at least.

I think poor old Maynard is fighting the unpleasant realization that he is going vintage also. Re: last article in RR.

Craig Montgomery in Tucson