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Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 19:32:27 -0700

My Outlook reads: "reply to all." Is this the proper way to do it?

Mark Eaton, cloudy Sonoma County, CA

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Hey everyone, how about when you reply to a CR post, you don't just hit the reply button on your email, but instead hit the "reply-to" address at the top of the post (which starts a new email and doesn't copy the one you just read

too, with all those<<< in front). That way we don't get repeats of repeats of repeats of previous posts. The last one I read had to come as an attachment because it was too large for aol to open. If people have not read the previous related posts, they can go back and find them if they want.


Bob Freeman who can't keep up with all the lengthy posts but doesn't want to

miss the interesting ones.
Seattle, WA