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Francesco Galmozzi was a co-founder of Gloria but departed from it and founded Galmozzi in 1926. I don't know how its pre - war bikes were. I heard that it supplied frames to many racers , Bartali, Koblet, Kubler....,especially to Atala team for many years. The 1950s and 1960s bikes on CR site have sand cast lugs. From early 1970s to mid 1970s it exported a few hundreds frames to U.S. and Canada. The early 1970s bikes had press lugs which had similar shapes to the former sand cast lugs and the same seat stay plugs as my 1983 bike. Afterward it used simple Italian-cut press lugs. When Francesco was alive , there were several artisans at Galmozzi workshop but after the founder's death in mid 1970s ,his son , Angelo ,alone worked there. And when I was in Milan in 1983 , Galmozzi was almost forgotten . He retired in 1986.
    The frames that Angelo made lacked distinction; with no engraving ..... But I like his perversity. ( Birds of a feather flock together !?) Due to my nostalgia
   I have been looking for Galmozzi exported to U.S. If you happen to find one whose size is 53-56cm center to center, would you let me know?
                    Takao Noda
            Hachioji Tokyo Japan

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I saw a reference to a Galmozzi bicycle by Chuck Schmidt earlier in the day. I remember a shop in my area that brought some of these bikes into the country, but the shop did not last very long and I don't recall seeing many of these bikes on the road. I have seen the pictures of Mr. Takao Noda's bikes on the CR Website and I am interested in learning more about the marque. I joined he list after the original discussion. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.


Jim Narlesky
San Jose, CA