Re: [CR]Masi vs Forgeries

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Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 08:02:13 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Masi vs Forgeries
From: Richard M Sachs <>> writes:
> I guess the question is... At which point do we not consider Masi's the real thing?...< /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

unless there's a pending legal action against a firm producing and using the 'masi' name, all the masi's are the real thing. if the 'real thing' rule, as some here define it, were applied to masi frames, only a few hundred 5.5 pound sleds from 50s and 60s would count. but not really, because he didn't mine the material used to make hiis steel, nor did he grow the pigment in his paint color. and he didn't grow the hay his horse ate to have the strength it took to pull his carriage to the velodrome gates.

i propose that if it's desired, bought, or collected, or hoarded by at least someone, or more specifically, by at least 10 jewish males over the bar mitzvah age, then its the real thing.

while we're at it, cinelli, too, was a revered marque for some reason or another. cino cinelli never built one. and the frames sold these days with the graphics that look like they came off an optomotist's eye chart-they're real too!