Re: [CR]eBay Moto Grand Jubile

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Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:46:13 -0700
From: Bob Atwood <>
Subject: Re: [CR]eBay Moto Grand Jubile
To: youngc@NetReach.Net,

>Mine came to me with a long cage Jubilee derailleur. I don't think that it
>reconstructed. The condition of mine is pretty similar to the eBay offering;
>nearly a time capsule bike.
>Charlie Young

Thanks for your information. Given the apparent gearing of the eBay bike there didn't seem to me to be enough chain to wrap to justify a long cage deraileur. I have a c.a. '74 Moto Grand Record which I use as a commuter bike. It has similar gearing and uses a Campy N-Record rear deraileur.

As I understand it, both the Grand Record and the Grand Jubilee were made at about the same time. Which bike would have been considered "higher" end? Later Moto "Jubilee" bikes seem to have come equiped with Suntour components. Did the Grand Record evolve into the Champion and the Super Champion?

My Grand Record has a TA Professional 3 pin crankset. I have found this to be a very good set up, but the Stronglight 49D on the Grand Jubilee seems to have a classier look to it. Campy and TA and Stronglight all seem to have made similar 3 pin cranks. Are these considered inferior to the 5 pin cranks? I suppose my Moto might have a bit more class if I changed the crankset to a Campy N-Record, but would that gain anything but a bit of prestige?