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Subject: Re: [CR]'73 Cinelli Supercorsa-ebay
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 21:26:52 -0400


I wouldn't disparage the mid-80's Cinellis too much. Based on my experience, the post-golden year ones probably still have good riding characteristics. My opinion may be somewhat influenced by the fact that I only paid $100 for my C-Record equipped Super Corsa (sans wheelset, otherwise complete) with some cosmetic issues including a downtube dent from a brake caliper and some chipping of paint down to the chrome. For that much money it is a whole lot of bike!

Charlie Young Who'll never see a "Buy-it-now" price like that one again Honeybrook. PA

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Subject: [CR]'73 Cinelli Supercorsa-ebay

> From the twilight of Cinelli's golden era, perhaps?
> Too bad it's a restoration and not original. Is a Cinelli this late still
> somthing to covet? When were they "watered down" enough to become irrelevant(
> I remember Nashbar selling Cinellis in the mid-80's)? Also, I'm surprised to
> see lever and bottle bosses given Cino's feelings about such things (at least
> according to legend). Or had silver been discovered by this time?
> Does anyone else find it sad to view the empty husk that the Cinelli name
> has become? Don't mean to offend, but I find it difficult to stomach the
> latest offerings.
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> Wes Gadd
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