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I got additional informations about this Levant. Mr. Higashikawa checked up the recipe about this bicycle, and told me. The original owner was professional Keirin racer live in Wakayama prefecture (near Osaka). When he retired from professional racer (six or seven years ago), he disposed of almost all bicycles. It seems that the bicycle on eBay is one of the bicycles which he disposed of. It is a mystery why this bicycle went over to the United States. This frame is all chrome plated, and painted transparent-green over main three tubes. Frame size is 490 mm (c-t).

Kenji Fusejima Yokohama Japan

At 2:40 PM +0900 02.4.13, kenji fusejima wrote:
>I called Mr. Higashikawa and asked him.
>Mr. Masahiro Higashikawa began frame-building about 25 or 26 years ago. He
>was amateur racer in his young age, and he also worked in machine
>industry. After he retired racer, he learned frame-building from Mr.
>Toshio Kajiwara. Mr. Kajiwara was top builder at that time, and he was
>chief builder at Tsuchiya Seisakusyo ("Everest" brand). Everest is one of
>the pioneer brand of Japanese sports bicycle. After Mr. Higashikawa
>learned frame-building from Mr. Kajiwara half a year, he became
>independent and started his own factory at Osaka.
>He mainly builds bicycles for professional Keirin racers. About twenty
>years ago, he was also building many bicycles for amateur racers and
>tourists. But now, most bicycles which he builds are bicycles for
>professional Keirin racers. He builds five or six bicycles in one month.
>He only builds custom made bicycle to order from customer. He only builds
>fine steel frames, never builds aluminum, titanium or carbon-fiber frame.
>The "Levant" of a brand name is the meaning an "east" in French.
>Higashikawa of his name is the meaning an "eastern river" in Japanese.
>"Levant" means "Higashi".
>The numbers on BB "78/10/46" means "the 46th frame of the October, 1978
>The decals of "Levant" at eBay is the old type. It changed to the new
>decals about ten years ago. When you will repaint this frame, you can not
>get same old decals.
>Mr. Higashikawa has no website, and also no e-mail address.
>Kenji Fusejima
>Yokohama Japan
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>>This track bike was of interest,anyone have a clue about the history or