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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 18:01:08 -0700
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heh. ive banned myself from looking further at that auction. cant afford an asc after just dropping $250 to have an old bike poster properly framed. ouch. makes me not look forward to conservation on the other stuff i have that needs framing. anyhow, its a tf *i* really want.

in defense of those with zero feedback... we all had zero feedback once... :) ive yet to get burned, in 10+ years of buying and selling online, so im still pretty trusting...


>"Or maybe it's just as well that I don't!"
>Not from someone on the other side of the Atlantic, with zero feedback. ;-)
>John in Boise, been there.
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>> Kinda wish I had more disposible income right now:
>> Or maybe it's just as well that I don't!
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