RE: [CR]Polishing those hard to get to parts?

Example: Framebuilders

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Subject: RE: [CR]Polishing those hard to get to parts?
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 20:07:24 -0600
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Here's another one that I've been using for years with good results on vintage parts. Something I picked up in my favorite LBS back in Rochester, NY for $6.95.

"Quick-Way Quick-Glo Chrome Cleaner and Rust Remover" comes in an 8oz jar, and is made by the "Quick-Way Brand Corp of Niles, IL."

On the label it reads "The best way is the Quick-way for removing rust, grease, and grime on bicycle parts - rims, handlebars, hubs, etc....polishes as it cleans!" It does seem to be very mildly abrasive, but I've used it on a wide variety of parts with excellent results.

James Brodsky Longmont, CO
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> Hello,
> I like to save polishing efforts on alloy parts, but retain the shine.
> There is a far better product currently available for polishing than that
> :Simachrome", it is called "Met-All" and is by far the easiest polishing
> paste I have ever used to clean aluminum. However, finding
> Met-All may not
> be as easy as it use to be.
> I believe Lowes Hardware may have it - depending on the region
> you live in,
> but you can find it on the Internet in a 16oz metal can as a
> paste for $7.00
> at:
> It has a 100% Money-back guarantee from manufacturer with product return
> and proof of purchase!
> MET-ALL INDUSTRIES Div. of Aman & Co.Inc.
> (330)854-1122
> Regards, Steve Neago
> "I'd rather polish my riding skills than continually polishing my bike
> parts!"
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> << there is a product named Flitz Polish which is
> very, very good. I've found this to be better than Simichrome. >>
> Cool.. Can you describe how it works better/differently? I have tried a
> few
> other similar polishes and always come back to Simichrome, but I am
> always
> looking!
> (BTW this discussion is totally on topic as it related to restoring and
> maintaining old bikes!!)
> Dale Brown<<<<
> Since this topic is officially sanctioned, I thought I'd add this
> interesting web site. They carry Flitz products and all kinds of cool
> Dremel-type brushes for cleaning an polishing.
> Wayne Bingham
> Falls Church, VA