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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:46:44 -0800

Dude, you need therapy if you take your wheels apart and put them back together to polish your hubs. Or maybe that is your therapy. Tho' I have to admire someone who can do it that fast, but I'd have to see it first. ;-)

John Dunn in Boise

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> Dude,
> What I do is simply take apart the wheel. It only takes 10 minutes or so
> to dismantle properly, 10 minutes to relace and another 20 minutes to
> retention and retrue the wheel. Piece of cake! If you are afraid of
> dismantling your wheels, do yourself a favor and buy a good
> tensiometer(Wheelsmith is my prefered weapon) and a book titled, "The Wheel
> Book" , Rob VanDerPlas (I think that is his name)... it was sold by Avocet
> for years. These two items and a little practice and you will look forward
> to rebuilding your wheels. As far as polish goes, stick with Mothers or
> something like it. Dude! Your bike is worth it... unless it comes from
> France, then don't even bother... just lean it against the wall of the shed
> or in the back yard and get yourself a quality Italian or American ride.
> Good luck with polishing your hubs...


> Kevin Weitzel