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Subject: [CR]"The Wheel Book" was: RE: Polishing hubs...

> ...and a book titled, "The Wheel
>Book" , Rob VanDerPlas (I think that is his name)... it was sold by Avocet
>for years.


possible to check your copy of "The Wheel Book" so that there's no mistake about the reference?

>"The Avocet-distributed book that I know is "The Bicycle Wheel," by
>Jobst Brandt. It is not without its faults."

...and perhaps Mr. Dalton who has informed that actual author credit ought to belong to Jobst Brandt (1) might cite the 'faults' mentioned....


dave dickerson, austin, tx

(1) Brandt, Jobst, "the Bicycle Wheel," Avocet, Inc, Menlo Park, *first printing 1981*, ISBN 0-9607236-4-1