Re: [CR]Univega Super Strada info?

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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 13:36:24 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Univega Super Strada info?

Looking at the info from the Used Bike Buyers Guide, it appears the Super Strada was made with different tubing over the years, which isn't surprising as models tended to follow the trends in available tubing. I don't know enough about how to distinguish an Italian-made Univega from the others, unless it has Italian threading. Anyway, here is what is in the guide on this make. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL 32819

UNIVEGA: Lawee Inc, 3030 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach CA 90807. 310-426-0474. Made in Japan, Taiwan, and Italy. Usually have Shimano dropouts.
       Super Special 82 Chromoly
       Super Strada 82-90 Tange
       Gran Premio 82-90 Tange
       Gran Rally 82-86 Chromoly
       Sport Tour 83 Chromoly
       Maxima Sport 85 Mangalloy
       Gran Sprint 86
       Super Light 86 Aluminum
       Competitione 86 Chromoly
       Viva Sport 87 Chromoly
       Nuovotech 450 88 Chromoly
       Gran Record 90-92 Tange
       Gran Premio III 91 Tange
       Superstrada 92 Prestige
       Ultraleggara 92 Prestige
       Carbolite R7.2 93-94 Carbon Fiber
       Carbolite R7.4 93-94 Carbon Fiber
       Carbolite R7.6 93-94 Carbon Fiber
       Boralyn R 8.8 94 Boralyn Metal Matrix
       Boralite 94 Boralite
       Gran Rally 95-96 Carbon Fiber
       Pro Comp 95-96 Carbon Fiber Composite
       Boralite Road 95 Boralyn Metal Matrix
       Superstrada 95-97 Chromoly