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From: LSHINESIII@aol.com
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 19:11:24 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Bicycle Guide magazines

OK, I gotta be crazy \u2013 these are priceless - to be able to re-re-read on cold winter days \u2013 but, here goes! These will be auctioned (silent auction) at the Cirque \u2013 Sunday at the show \u2013 with all proceeds going toward supporting the Classic Rendezvous website \u2013 and/or the costs to put on the Cirque (everwhich DALE wants them togo). These are a good representation of lots of the great issues that Bicycle Guide put out \u2013 and the final issues that were at the time that B.G. was taken over by Peterson\u2019s \u2013 making it Bicyclist magazine \u2013 but following pretty much the same formats. Twenty nine issues (more below). LOTS of wonderfully made lugged, steelframes, bikes, and the etc. Racing \u2013yea, lots of US racing coverage, as well as European. All of them are in great shape, tho\u2019 you\u2019ll find turned-down corners and drool marks (oh, if I had won the lotto!).

I figure that these could be used to build the book that we all want that shows all of the \u201cclassic\u201d frame builders \u2013 yea, there\u2019s that much in them!

These should go for more in auction, but with Dale\u2019s ok,they can be sold NOW for $? MAKE AN OFFER! (also, see below) - + shipping. As stated, this is for the costs of hosting the CR website \u2013 or, putting on the Cirque \u2013 so \u2013 it\u2019s not that much for the pleasure we all get from these two great parts of our lives!

Finally, we could \u2013 in order to help with THE BOOK - we all could just donate a few $\u2019s each \u2013 which would realize the same money/donation,and then give all of the issues to everwhom is going to WRITE/compile/edit THE BOOK. No matter which happens, we ALL win!


1998 Bicyclist Oct, Aug, Jul, Jun, May, Apr, Feb,

1997 Bicyclist Dec, Oct, Aug, Jul

1997 Bicycle Guide Jun, May, Apr, Feb

1996 Bicycle Guide Dec, Oct, Sep, Aug, Jun, May, Mar, Feb

1995 Bicycle Guide Nov, Oct, Sep, Aug, Jul, Jun

OK, I have two more issues; the reason that they\u2019re not included above is that they\u2019re really special to me. The July \u201996issue \u2013 this one has the first Rivendell review \u2013 in full colour! The April \u201996 issue \u2013 it has the great article on frame building \u2013 the cover is a great zoomed view of a seatlug just brazed! The frame building includes brazing, fillet brazing, and tig welding \u2013 but is still hep on steel! Also in this issue is an article on riding the Blue Ridge Parkway (a ride to do again and again) and, other than Rivendell (you really SHOULD go ahead and order a RIV frame - ain't nothin\u2019 better riding!!!), my other frame lust \u2013 Holland of Reistertown, MD (the fastbackseatstays are sexy!). EACH of these two issues will have to go for something special. I will trade any one for issue # 7 of On The Wheel (I have#\u2019s 1-13 except for #7 \u2013 are there others?) but, will also donate $25.00 to the same cause listed above. The remainingone must go for $25. Again, to the CR or Cirque \u2013 Dale\u2019s pick, or, I\u2019ll include them with the set for a flat $ (MAKEAN OFFER) donation (for all)!

I hope that everyone finds this \u201cissue\u201d within a great cause\u2013 it\u2019s something that we all enjoy so much, and, note that we have never paid acent for all of it. Let me know. Your comments are welcome.

Linwood Hines