[CR]Re: Clincher rims 1972 vs 2002

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From: Ebbikes@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 03:06:07 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: Clincher rims 1972 vs 2002

In reply to Dave Feldman's statement:
> To my knowledge, almost all clincher-related
> wheel products are vastly, grossly superior in 2002 to 1972
> I am glad you said almost, because I am a fan of the Super Champion Model
> 58 rims. I rode across the US on these in 1976 (anyone know when they were
> first made?) with an 80 lb load, and rode them for three more years before
> selling the bike. They never went out of true or broke a spoke, and the
> rims didn't wear out in a season like most of todays pre-worn (read
> machined sidewalls) rims do. Also had them on my first two Jack Taylor
> tandems with same results. For years we occasionally built them up for
> touring bikes, while always seeking the latest and the greatest from Mavic,
> Campy, Nisi, etc. Then one day they were no longer available, and now we
> miss them. I horde them whenever I can find some, and now have four sets
> in bikes plus a couple spare pair. I don't much care for the satin
> anodized finish. I like to be able to shine them up when they need it. No
> better rim has been made to date, IMHO. For lightweight rims, I have
> always liked the Wolber Profil TX, an aero shaped hard anodized rim, and
> the various Campy aero rims, Omega, Lambda, and Ypsilon, and more recently
> Moskva 80, all of which are no longer made. I have a small quantity of
> Wolber, Omega, and Lambda in 28 hole, and Omega in 32. I, at 150 lbs.,
> have always used 28s, with great success, and have some 10-yr-old racing
> tandem wheels with Profil TX 28 hole front and 32 hole rear. Great wheels.



> Bob Freeman