Re: [CR]early Guerciotti

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Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 21:02:31 -0600
From: Ken Wehrenberg <>
Subject: Re: [CR]early Guerciotti


That's from 1973-1975. The importer was somebody who called himself "Monte of Italy" and was based in Colorado. David Feldman Vancouver, WA<

I was going to say the exact range of years. However, Monte brought in Masis from Milano (and a few Allegros) as I remember. He was down on Cooper St if memory serves. Guerciotti, on the other hand was imported by Sherpa Sports, on Hyman Ave (also in Aspen) at the time. Alexi Grewal's dad's shop. He was a pretty good rider, too.

A few years ago, I was riding a lot in Crested Butte and crossed paths at the inn with a family from Switz whose son raced for the Yeti team in Europe. During a conversation, it turned out he knew all of the people involved in Guerciotti over in Italy from near the beginning. These were pretty nice frames at the time.

Ken Wehrenberg, near St Louis