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From: John Price <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous digest, Vol 1 #1255 - 24 msgs
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 10:49:06 -0600

There actually was a ti chain - I don't remember the specifics of who made it or how heavy it wasn't but I do remember it was EXTREMELY expensive (I think - but not sure - that it cost something like $300). And I also remember seeing somewhere that Regina's hollow pin chain (which I ran on a Merlin way back in the midst of the lightweight fad) was nearly as light, much, MUCH cheaper, and it worked. My own experience with the hollow pin Regina proved out that it worked okay - can't say if it really was an improvement over the solid ones but it sure made me feel cool (!).

John Price

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4/23/02 12:05
> I have not the timeline but I have a book from 1989 that mentions the Regina
> Superleggera with hollow pins.
> It also states that even a lighter chain made of titanium was available back
> then. But no brand name is given.
> Dirk
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> Dirk Feeken
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a titanium chain? forgive my cycnicism but how would they work - my mind tellms that wear would be fast. and i wonder if the simplex product and design group had toyed with ideas of a 'delrin' chain that probably never made it to market.

but i could be wrong and titanium could be a suitable material for a chain. i do find the idea fascinating, tho. anyone ever use one?


ben kamen