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Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:19:49 -0400
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I used to admire the Lotus bikes some 22 yrs ago. They were sold at Proteus Bike shop in College Park, MD.Imported by Alpha Cycles in NY.The decals, a stylized lotus flower, on the headtube were pretty.They were considered to be very nice; I think considerably better than the Shoguns,Centurions of that day.. Many paint colors were interesting-one was a metallic grey-lavender shade-better looking than it sounds. Others were a beautiful burnt bronze-gold color.All were attractive. Some models were made with Tange Champion #2 and some with #1 (considered best- thinnest). Both were nice.)Mid to upper level ones, I think were often equipped with Shimano 600. One model was called Prestige.Competition and Elite were other models.Some had flattened aero tubes. Some were "sport- touring: geometry, some all out racing- a full lineup for both price and purpose.I would be happy to own one today. I still see some come in for repair at LBS.And after all these years I still think they are cool even though I don't know if most share my opinion. Here is a link I found to other peoples comments on these models:

Best Regards, Mark Cutrufelli in Laurel, MD

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I'm watching a Lotus "Classique" frame on eBay, with the idea of building it up as a semi-retro commuter and adding a decent quality Japanese bike to the fleet. Seller is very sparse in his description (apparently not a bike guy, but honest). Frame is apparently Tange Champion double butted, rest of the pertinent facts are missing. Picture shows fender eyelets.

Does anyone have info on this frame, or Lotus in general? Was quality good, bad or indifferent? Any info on date of manufacture? Frame geometry? Who made them? Who imported them? Any info appreciated.

Of course I know it's on topic; after all, it is a "Classique"! From the French region of Japan, no doubt.

Tom Adams, Kansas City